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Camp Information

Camp period: July 29th to August 7th 2023
Camp fee: 150 € (in cash when arriving to the camp)
Language: English

Family hosting: July 21st to 28th 2023
Age limit: 17–21 (born 1.7.2002–30.6.2006)
Participants: max 30 campers, males and females

Camp theme: Unique friendships and adventures
Organizer: Lions District 107-H


What to pack?

In Finland the temperatures in summer time can vary a lot, mostly it is something between 15–25 ºC. So be prepared also for chilly and rainy days! Our camp is located just by the lake, so pack your swimming suit with you. Bring your own hygiene products too. Some of the activities are quite sporty, so take a good pair of shoes and enough clothes to be outside. The most important thing is to bring yourself, your positive attitude and be ready to have fun!

Country Presentations

During the camp there will be a spot where everybody has a chance to tell something about your country. So that’s why we ask you to prepare a short presentation, max. 10 min. The presentation can include basic information but also we would like to hear some insights that we can’t find from Wikipedia. So feel free to tell anything you find interesting.If there will be more than one participant from the same country, you can have your presentation all together. But no panic, you will have time to organize this also during the camp. The meaning of this activity is to learn from the other countries and cultures. At the same time we will understand each other even better. So keep in mind, this is not supposed to be anything stressful or boring, so you can use your creativity.